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Room layouts
Choose layouts

Reception table layouts are shown above and there are variations e.g. top table fro Bride & Groom, Best Man, Parents plus guest tables of 6 per table or a any number that the wedding planner (you?) think appropriate. We will do our best to meet your needs.

Please allow enough room in your table plans for your guests to move around the room  and if required any special needs such as disabled access. We will provide any assistance in helping with table layouts

Choose the theme and decorations

The Function Room is ideal for wedding receptions and large private parties. Please give some thought to any decoration you require and any theme e.g white covers, table decorations, flowers, balloons, place cards etc. There is a restriction on attaching decorations to the walls and fittings in all the rooms therefore please seek advice when planning your theme and decoration. The restriction also applies to entrance hall areas and external  areas if there is any permanant marking caused by decorations. Please ask our advice and we will endeavour to find a mutual solution.

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