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out of the way right in the middle of Solihull

What do you want from a Sports and Social Club?

There are many reasons to join the Solihull Municipal Club. It is a private members club that encourages sports and social activities with an open door to potential new members, families and guests who want to visit and see what we have to offer.


Are we Solihull's best kept secret? We need to tell you we are here midway between Solihull and Shirley town centers and it is well worth making an effort to visit our Club. We're tucked away in Brick Kiln Lane off Widney Lane, and have been around for over forty years.


The evolution of the Club has, over the years developed into a social club that is used and managed by members from the local community.Though essentially a members club, we are open to all interested in sports and social activities within a club atmosphere. A great deal of people don't realise that they are more than welcome to attend the club. There are no restrictions to membership and the Club is reliant on the wide network of members for support without any other ties to local authorities or local businesses.


We will actively seek sponsorship for our sport and social events and will always run our organisation independently on behalf of the membership and the communities that support us. If you visit us and like what you experience in the social or sports side of what we have on offer, then you are welcome to join as a member to use the full facilities for you and your family and occasional social guests.We strive to make welcome any new guest and look forward to the return visits and hope the Club’s appeal wins you over to join and support us.


You can be a member, and that includes your partner and children, for a very reasonable annual fee. We are an easy going, family friendly club that encourages visitors of all ages (children supervised by a responsible adult). If you're looking for a quiet evening drink any week day and we are open all day on weekends, come and spend some time with us.


The club has free wi-fi provided by the Cloud, and all wi-fi enabled laptops, tablets and smartphones can enjoy free internet access 24/7If you want to know more about what the Club offers, please use the links on these pages.

TV Sports

TV sports are well covered with 3 large tv s installed in 2 Lounges

Lounge Bar

The Lounge and Bar are bright decor and newly refurbished with comfortable seating and tables set out for social groups, with high and lower tables to enhance the choice to the users. A wide range of draught beers including Mild, Bitter and Lager plus Cider. The spirits and soft drinks covers nearly all needs and there are choices of wines with white, red and rose available. There are sparkling wines and champagne for special events and the Club will change drinks on offer with seasonal variations introduced.

Snooker and Darts

The pictures say it all in that we have excellent darts & snooker facilities in  rooms where players and spectators can get involved.


The Snooker tables are in a Snooker Room designed for playing and watching games in comfort on the best tables we can provide. Snooker, both social with friendly rivalry and matches at competition and league levels are all catered for.


The darts room is adjacent the Lounge bar in a separate lounge and gives exclusive use to the darts event. The room is multi-purpose and is used for other events and as a second longe away from the bar, but given over to darts teams on league and match nights. The room can seat 80 with comfort and also has a 60" tv  (not shown in the picture) for the special sports on TV occasions.



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